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For over 20 years, Elena and I have been closely involved in the housing and transportation industries. We are the proud owners of Moving Buddies, a 5 star local moving company. We've been in business since 2011, and have moved many thousands of people into their new homes. In 2022 we decided to get licensed and provide our clients with the added service of finding their new homes and selling their old ones.

One of the greatest skills we picked up along our journey is the ever-critical marketing savvy. Making our company visible in a sea of competition was one of the most challenging endeavors we've undertaken, next to raising our 3 beautiful children - Angel, Gabriel, & Esabella. We understood, very early on, the importance of maintaining a solid reputation. As evidenced by our hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google, we have done just that. Now, we are eager to carry the values that helped us achieve great success in our moving business over to the Real Estate side of things.

our Mission

Our number one objective is to provide value to our clients throughout the entire Relocation Process. Our vision is to become the one and only solution you need from start to finish - from the dream of a new home to the grueling task of getting all your stuff there. We are currently in the process of developing other in-house services including cleaning, landscaping, and more!

One service that sets us apart is our Real Estate Media Business - Tactical Cinematix. This is an exclusive in-house service that was developed as part of the marketing evolution that we experienced with Moving Buddies. Over the years we became adept to digital marketing requisites such as photo/video production, web-search, and social media campaign strategies. Believe it or not, this is the greatest skillset a REALTOR® can possess, yet most agents simply outsource this.

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